It’s Getting Hot in Here… and Magnesium Can Help!

Not only are things starting to get back to normal in areas fortunate enough to have the COVID-19 vaccine, but summer is around the corner. More gatherings mean lots of food in our stomachs as well as more stress from the hustle and bustle of life. The right dose of Magnesium Citrate can help withContinue reading “It’s Getting Hot in Here… and Magnesium Can Help!”

Vitamin D3 – A Ribbon Defense

Can Vitamin D3 help prevent ADVANCED CANCER? According to a new review published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, higher intakes of vitamin D may be linked to lower incidences of advanced cancer. In the clinical trial, known as VITAL, long-term observations of men and women in their 50s were conducted, with oneContinue reading “Vitamin D3 – A Ribbon Defense”

Execute Order KSM-66

Recently, ashwagandha, particularly the KSM-66 extract, has grown significantly in popularity amongst nutritional supplements. In times where one can easily find themselves feeling high-strung, KSM-66 can be a soothing resource for its-stress-relieving, nerve-calming benefits. According to recent studies there is a second reason why it continues to trend upwards in recent years – its inherentContinue reading “Execute Order KSM-66”

InvaPharm Equals Commitment

At InvaPharm, each and every member of our team is integral to not only our success, but to the quality of our manufacturing. The unsung hero of a premier contract manufacturer you can trust is the Quality Assurance (QA) team. Working with the customer’s specific, precise demands, our QA team ensures our products go aboveContinue reading “InvaPharm Equals Commitment”

We’re Metalheads…

And not just the music! In the information age, consumers are very meticulous about what they’re putting in their bodies. As a premier supplement contract manufacturer, our foremost responsibility is to test for the quality and purity of the ingredients that make up our products. One important material content we test for is heavy metals.Continue reading “We’re Metalheads…”

Vitamin B Getting on Your Nerves?

Well, it should! Perfect function of the nervous system is one of the keys to a long and healthy life, and is something that should be cultivated among both the young and old. Permanent nerve damage due to Vitamin B deficiency (B12 specifically) is the most obvious reason to keep your levels up, but didContinue reading “Vitamin B Getting on Your Nerves?”

“E” for Elderly – And More

It’s well-known that supplements can help promote wellness & growth in young people and ensure graceful aging for the middle-aged. However, as someone who is close to their grandparents, I believe a larger spotlight should be put on effective supplements for the elderly. A recent study in “Advances in Nutrition” suggests that Vitamin E isContinue reading ““E” for Elderly – And More”

Respect Your Elderberries

If you’re still sleeping on ELDERBERRY – “sambucus nigra” – it’s time to wake up. Emerging over the past two years as a prominent mainstream ingredient in bolstering immune health, elderberry as an ingredient has put the nutritional supplement world on notice. Elderberry has been booming, with data showing that elderberry use and demand acrossContinue reading “Respect Your Elderberries”

Protein can lift your mood? No Whey!

Feeling down in the midst of the challenging year we’ve had? Whey protein may be able to give you a little pick-me-up. Whey protein is known to be a supplement for physical workouts to promote muscle growth and the cultivation of lean mass. Now, consider it as a supplement for your mental health as well.Continue reading “Protein can lift your mood? No Whey!”

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