Vitamin B Getting on Your Nerves?

Well, it should! Perfect function of the nervous system is one of the keys to a long and healthy life, and is something that should be cultivated among both the young and old. Permanent nerve damage due to Vitamin B deficiency (B12 specifically) is the most obvious reason to keep your levels up, but didContinue reading “Vitamin B Getting on Your Nerves?”

“E” for Elderly – And More

It’s well-known that supplements can help promote wellness & growth in young people and ensure graceful aging for the middle-aged. However, as someone who is close to their grandparents, I believe a larger spotlight should be put on effective supplements for the elderly. A recent study in “Advances in Nutrition” suggests that Vitamin E isContinue reading ““E” for Elderly – And More”

Respect Your Elderberries

If you’re still sleeping on ELDERBERRY – “sambucus nigra” – it’s time to wake up. Emerging over the past two years as a prominent mainstream ingredient in bolstering immune health, elderberry as an ingredient has put the nutritional supplement world on notice. Elderberry has been booming, with data showing that elderberry use and demand acrossContinue reading “Respect Your Elderberries”

Protein can lift your mood? No Whey!

Feeling down in the midst of the challenging year we’ve had? Whey protein may be able to give you a little pick-me-up. Whey protein is known to be a supplement for physical workouts to promote muscle growth and the cultivation of lean mass. Now, consider it as a supplement for your mental health as well.Continue reading “Protein can lift your mood? No Whey!”

Welcome to InvaPharm!

We’re proud to say that InvaPharm, Inc. is one of the highest-capacity NSF GMP-certified nutritional supplement manufacturers on the West Coast. Featuring the latest in high-speed production & packaging equipment as well as in-house research & development and on-site microbial laboratories, our state-of-the-art facility has everything it needs to produce the absolute highest-quality products for your business.Continue reading “Welcome to InvaPharm!”

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