Vitamin D3 – A Ribbon Defense

Can Vitamin D3 help prevent ADVANCED CANCER?

According to a new review published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, higher intakes of vitamin D may be linked to lower incidences of advanced cancer. In the clinical trial, known as VITAL, long-term observations of men and women in their 50s were conducted, with one group being regularly supplemented with vitamin D3 and omega-3 supplements.

Out of 25,871 total (none of whom were initially deficient in Vitamin D), 1,617 were diagnosed with invasive cancer over a five-year period. Among those who had incidences of metastatic or fatal cancer, they observed eventual lower concentrations in vitamin D.

Take care of your long-term health – make sure your vitamin D levels are up to par.

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Published by Andrew S.

Marketing & Correspondence for InvaPharm Inc.

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