Respect Your Elderberries

If you’re still sleeping on ELDERBERRY – “sambucus nigra” – it’s time to wake up.

Emerging over the past two years as a prominent mainstream ingredient in bolstering immune health, elderberry as an ingredient has put the nutritional supplement world on notice. Elderberry has been booming, with data showing that elderberry use and demand across food and beverage categories increased 124.6% throughout 2020.

In 2021, consumers are privy to natural ingredients as powerful as elderberries can be as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. Products have proliferated in formats such as capsules, syrup, and lozenges – many of which InvaPharm, Inc. has the capability to produce.

We are well-equipped to produce your elderberry products, and fast. Join the wave – elderberry is the nature-given path to the future, and it can’t be more relevant than now.

Email me at for further inquiries or to discuss a collaboration.

Published by Andrew S.

Marketing & Correspondence for InvaPharm Inc.

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